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Maiden Voyage

I hop e I won’t be one of those cliché Fashion bloggers who keep telling you “a Peplum dress is best accessorized with a Pencil skirt…” coz that way. I’ll wind up sounding like that lady for the Woolworths style tips (her voice+ the music in the background=Major Soporific catastrophe), and besides, don’t we have enough of those?

I also hope I won’t be the kind of blogger who will bore your keester  with stories nobody really gives a rat’s ass about (I hear my colleagues in the background saying “good luck with that” because, Honest to a Deity I’m afraid of pissing off, I am the biggest rambler to have ever walked the maze that is life)

Also, I hope, hope, hope ( I’s sayin this with the utmost  sincerity) that I don’t become a blogger so hateful and negative that I’ll leave people wondering, “daddy rape you much?” (I wonder the same thing with the Media Madness people…)

Anyhu, welcome to Trendmill, tea and scones to the left, leave all your acrylic weaves and Chinese g-star knock offs at the door, I’m your host, IWishTo-Waitforit- RemainNameless , and everything else with me is on a need to know basis…






Hot Problems official single – Double Take – YouTube

Hot Problems official single – Double Take – YouTube.

this is  the worst song ever. you think Friday by Rebecca Black was horrible, this is P.U.R.E SH**

I wonder indeed….


to tell you that trendmill was a product of great thought and planning for months, I would be lying…

actually, how trendmill started was a “by the way lets do this…” sort of thing. we just agreed to start blogging about the fashion no-nos that we see everyday as we walk down the street, in school, in our homes and in our magazines (celebrity parties and what not) and we thought that its about time the kenyan fashion industry gets the jolt it needs to be creative. (by creative, we mean REALLY, REALLY creative.) i mean, I have never actually seen anything that a Kenyan fashion designer has made that absolutely wows me (save for blackbird). the African fashion industry is still growing, but Kenya’s industry needs to grow together with it.

Im digressing…

so in a crowded mall with (sadly) no wifi (read NAKUMATT LIFESTYLE) a couple of really passionate, young and broke (sad facts about youth)  young guys came up with the idea of trendmill. we make some of these things up as we go, which makes this whole blogging business a little bit more fresh(er).

So live your lives, Knowing that trendmill exists, and that we are watching what you are wearing, and pray hard that you do  not land on our media (Facebook page, twitter or this blog) because you will not be spared.



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